The Minority Prostate Cancer (MiCaP) Research Digest is a University of Florida project established in 2015. Funded by the US Army Department of Defense, the primary aim of the MiCaP Research Digest project is to improve Black men’s access to life-changing, scientific prostate cancer discoveries. Specifically, the MiCaP Research Digest provides information on scientific discoveries with implications for primary and secondary preventive interventions as well as critical information on clinical trials relevant to prostate cancer patients. We expect that access to research discoveries directly reported by scientists will lead to an increase in awareness of the most current practices, knowledge, and strategies that can be used to improve prostate health outcomes.

The MiCaP Research Digest project is currently in the testing phase. This means that only participants who have been provided special access can view the MiCaP Research Digest project materials. We will however provide useful links to prostate cancer educational materials and websites for everyone’s use.

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The MiCaP Research Digest project is funded by the US Army Department of Defense Population Sciences Award W81XWH-15-1-0526

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